The Beginner-friendly way to learn from FreeCodeCamp on YouTube.

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This article acts as a guide for beginners as to where should people start learning from FCC’s youtube channel and gives you some tips to reduce clutter and focus only on the things that you require. But keep in mind that in the future you will require lots of googling and researching so do not limit your learning to just one resource. As of now, let’s dive into it…

1. Sort by “Most Popular”

FreeCodeCamp videos sorted by popularity.
FCC’s Youtube Channel sorted by popularity.

2. Choose a Programming Language (Beginner)

Do Your Research

3. Establishing the fundamentals

Watch and learn, practice and build

4. Second Language

5. Other Essential Skills

Man studying in a hall
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6. The World is your Oyster — Keep Learning

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The resources are endless and my aim to write this article was to help declutter the learning path for the absolute beginners. I’ll put up a bunch of more stuff and resources to follow in the coming future. Thanks for reading folks!! If I missed some important steps then feel free to let me know and I will surely make the changes in the article.




Developer, Digital Artist, and a Blogger in Permanent Beta. I also like Anime and Games 🎮

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Piyush Malhotra

Piyush Malhotra

Developer, Digital Artist, and a Blogger in Permanent Beta. I also like Anime and Games 🎮

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